Estone Personal Credit Limited, a family run company, aims to demonstrate that home collected credit can be a fair and intelligent service by sticking to their principles of: Easy, Personal, and Compassionate finance.

Estone was established in 1999 by the company's Managing Director Paul Langley. Over the years, this company has built up a wealth of knowledge about the credit industry, and, more importantly, about what customers desire from the home credit service. Back in 1998, Paul was already working in the consumer credit industry for an established home credit provider. Nevertheless, he felt that he could offer customers a fairer service with better products if he started his own business. Therefore, in 1999, Estone Personal Credit established its first customer (who is still a loyal customer today) and has grown from strength to strength winning the hearts of many loyal customers in the West Midlands.


To this day, Paul insists that the success of Estone was built upon the concept that the customer is always at the heart of the business. As such, he encourages his customers to draw a fine line between borrowing and saving by implementing his products with reasonable weekly payments, and training his agents to spend time with their customers to understand their personal goals and educate them in regards to intelligent borrowing and planning ahead. For that reason, in today's troubled economy, Estone Personal Credit Limited continue to endow customers with a credit service that is fair, affordable, easy, and will continue to develop the business to meet the needs of their customers in the future.  


With training and development central to the company’s philosophy, Paul explains that consumers can feel confident that the people working in the business are competent, educated, and committed to bettering their selves. Paul is a big believer in moving the business forward to meet the needs of the consumers. Therefore, having a company environment that focuses on the training and the development of its workforce, forward thinking ideas are an always being brought to the table, and this helps drive the business forward.  


Jay Langley, Operations Director for the company, has implemented a home improvement range that will allow consumers to purchase white goods, TV’s, beds, carpets, blinds, and games consoles on credit. This will allow customers to improve their homes for an affordable weekly payment. Paul is happy that Estone Personal Credit Limited offers an all-round service, where cash loan plans, savings products, and home improvement products are meeting the needs of the consumers, and offering a service that is currently unique to the home collected credit industry.