The Sophisticated Nable sofa 3 & 2 !!








The Beautiful Cambridge electric Recliners 3 & 2




The fantastic Dino range also available in other colours !


This is the stunning MULBERRY SOF CORNER we delivered to a very happy customer !! 




Just a heads up to let all of our customers know that we will be closing for Christmas and New Year on Friday 23rd December at 1pm and re-opening on Tuesday 3rd January.


We want to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.






Hello All,

This month of may, we have secured partnership with a company called RetraCare who are regulated by the FCA.


We are now officially a member of RetraCare. We are now able to offer to our customers a variety of extended RetraCare Service Plans. Protect+ and Protect Fixed Term Service Plans at attractive prices to the customer. Processed on-line and no paperwork required. 


We are able to offer this service to all white and electrical goods, so with the current one years manufactures warranty we already offer, we are now able to offer extended warranties at very very low weekly payments.


We can also offer a product of Accident repair, where if you accidentally break your goods, that you are also covered for that too!


For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.


Cheers Guys,



Hi guys,

We have been recognised in the CCA newsletter - feel free to CHECK IT OUT!!!

CCA newsletter



Estone Personal Credit ltd.

Hi guys

Just a quick news update for you all :)

At Estone Personal Credit, we are happy to inform our customers that we are now offering essential home development products at affordable weekly repayments. We, at Estone, understand that not everyone can afford to pay upfront for large purchases such as washing machines, sofas, TV’s, or beds. This is why we are proud to offer our customers the chance to improve their home with top quality products at weekly affordable repayments. As such, we make it our mission at Estone Personal Credit to assist our customers with the development of their home improvement ideas.


We have available a large collection of white good appliances that are not only hardwearing and dependable, but will also look great in a modern stylish kitchen. We also have a large selection of fabric and leather sofas, and these fantastic sofas are not only affordable and stylish, but also come equipped with a great manufactures warranty to ease the customers mind in the unlikely event of manufacture deficiencies. Furthermore, we also offer a large selection of beds and mattresses to make sleeping an enjoyable and affordable experience for our customers. We also are proud to offer our customer a fantastic range of Linsar Smart TV’s. These products will offer our customers the chance to experience flat screen and smart TV technology in the comfort of their home for an affordable weekly price.

Furthermore, despite the implementation of these fantastic home development products, Estone Personal Credit are not stopping there. We are also going to offer our customers a fantastic range of carpets, laminate, and blinds, for an affordable weekly repayment. Estone Personal Credit strongly believe that these products will be ‘the icing on the cake’, and the tools to solidify our home improvement philosophy!!! These products will be available for all our customers in the near future so please stay tuned :)


'Estone Home Improvements'

Hi guys,

Some news for you in regards to the change in regulation for the home collected credit industry…


As of the 1st of April 2014, Estone Personal Credit are now regulated by the Financial Conduct authority (FCA). We are pleased to notify our customers that this change in regulation means that, over time, we can endeavour to mature a business model that enhances the integrity and reliability of the products and services that we offer, and a business model that contributes to a fresh consumer credit culture where consumer protection is to central and fundamental to the longevity of our industry.

At Estone Personal Credit, we are delighted to report to our customers that they can be confident that any change in the regulations to the industry will be implemented quickly and efficiently for our customers. The workforce of Estone Personal Credit complete extensive training modules and competence examinations before they are deemed adequate to for fill their responsibilities in our company. As such, we are confident that our training and development package, mixed with our business philosophy – which makes central the importance of educating our workforce – will be an adequate platform to manage the changes in regulation in a straightforward manor that affects our customers as little as possible.


Estone Personal Credit Ltd.

Hi guys,

Just a quick news update for you all :)


Estone Personal Credit are pleased to announce that we will be launching our Estone Home Improvements App within the next few weeks.

This App will make accessible a selection of home improvement products for a weekly price that is fair and affordable.

This App will available on all 'Smart Phones' via their App store!!!

Cheers Guys,

Estone Personal Credit Ltd.