20 Key points 

We will:

  1. Ensure that all marketing material is clear, transparent, and complies with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements. 
  2. Ensure that our pricing system is clear and comparable with competitors in the home collected credit industry. 
  3. Ensure that affordability checks are carried out on all new and existing customers in order to establish if customers can afford the loan in question. 
  4. Complete in-depth income and expenditure assessments to ensure product suitability and affordability (Please note: evidence of income is always required). 
  5. Encourage customers to consider the terms and conditions of the credit or hire purchase agreements carefully. 
  6. Not participate in a culture of pressure selling or pressure lending. Loans will only be given in the best interests of the consumer.  
  7. Cap all loan repayments at 30% to ensure an adequate back drop of disposable income for the consumer. 
  8. Provide the consumer with a clear and transparent adequate explanation of the credit or hire purchase agreement before execution.  
  9. Ensure that all consumer payment cards are updated on a weekly basis from the home of the consumer. 
  10. Never charge late payment fees. 
  11. Treat all customers that fall into arrears with consideration and respect.  
  12. Investigate arrears fully, and help assist the consumer with an outcome that best meets their circumstances. 
  13. Deal with complaints promptly and fairly using a clear and transparent complaints procedure. 
  14. Ensure that consumers understand that they can contact the Financial Ombudsman service if a complaint cannot be dealt with internally to their satisfaction.  
  15. Ensure that we are sensitive to physical and mental health problems consumers may have. 
  16. Ensure that all our agents, managers, and office staff are trained to a high standard. 
  17. In accordance with legislation, issue annual statements detailing all payments made and outstanding balances. 
  18. Allow consumers up to 14 days to withdraw from the credit or hire purchase agreement with a further 30 day payback period. 
  19. Provide free death benefit. In the event of a consumers death we will write off the remaining balance free of charge. 
  20. Ensure that the consumer can settle in full or partially their loans at any time during the loan term.